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If you are looking for a technically orientated company, Emlight Design is what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a customer focused company, Emlight Design is ready to step up to the plate.

Emlight is experienced in commissioning new systems, troubleshooting the install, and handling the arrangements for training.  Whether the site is in the next town over or a few states away, we can handle it.  We traditionally have handled system commissioning in the Southern, Central, and Northern regions of California but have commissioned numerous systems in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

We will obtain a system sign off for you and a sign in sheet for any required training and submit them along with a detailed report that presents the facts of the job in a straight forward manner.  Since we specialize in trouble shooting problems in malfunctioning systems, we are often sent out on those rare but inevitable “problem” jobs.

Send us your requirements and payment schedule and we will make it fit to promote a long relationship between your factory and Emlight.


               Sample Report

Down PDF file of an actual report with traceable information edited out.

Other OEM Services

Emlight is also available for onsite warranty repairs and will gladly accept non-warranty referrals from the factory.  

Emlight can also continue factory sanctioned support on older products to bolster end user confidence in your factory.  Nothing is worse than an abandoned user that is not let ready to replace their equipment.

Emlight Service Partner Program

Emlight runs a program for qualified dealers and service providers throughout the country.  Qualified partners must have a minimum of 10 years experience in the performance lighting business  servicing and/or installing.  They must also be capable of serving products in house as needed to at least the module level. 

Prospective partners must also have considerable technical expertise especially in a product range that Emlight does not, so we can complement each other.  Prospective partners must also maintain their accounts and/or maintain a current credit card on file with us. 

In return Emlight offers large discounts on Repair Depot service and On Site service and referrals to customers in their agreed upon area.  Technical service is also provided to the component level if needed.  Emlight will also reciprocate and send in equipment that we do not specialize in to those partners.  An agreement must be signed by both Emlight and the partner’s principal but not all will qualify.

CD2000 Retrofitted CD80 dimmer racks

OEM Services

OEM Services

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OEM Service

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