You Break It ... We Fix It

Here at Emlight, we have advance test equipment, industry standard lighting equipment, and custom made test beds.  We repair most equipment in house to the component level whenever possible. We carry an extensive stock of parts to effect timely repairs to equipment that is sent in. 

And when we service equipment, we take antistatic precautions and store our static sensitive components in antistatic containers. Our antistatic precautions extend to the field. We carry field service antistatic mats and wrist straps.  And all work is covered by a 90 day warranty.

We use Tektronix, Fluke, Mastech, Hewlett Packard/Agilent, Advance Devices, Aoyue, and Xeltek manufactured equipment to help us in repairing your equipment.  We likewise use Gray Interface/Pathway, Doug Fleenor Design, Strand Lighting, ETC, EDI, Electro Controls, Century Lighting, BCI, and Teatronics manufactured lighting equipment to help us test and troubleshoot your equipment.

We are heavily invested in repairing your equipment.  We only send equipment back to the manufacturer when they request it, when the equipment is under manufacturer’s warranty and the factory wants to see the equipment, or if  the equipment is beyond our repair facilities because of proprietary parts not sold outside the factory.

Emlight's main test bench equipment stack

Dropping Some Names

“But what about that Canadian company, Johnson Systems?  I Don’t want to buy a retrofit and have to send it to Canada for service.”

No Problem.  We also service Johnson Systems Inc. equipment and retrofit kits. No need to send anything back to Canada. We support what we sell in house but we will handle all shipping to Canada if the equipment is requested back to the factory for failure analysis. We will not leave you in a lurch and stuck in the complicated world of international shipping.

We are fully authorized from ICON dimmer racks to Quad spare parts kits.

Johnson Systems Inc. Support

Depot Level Repair Service Rates

Service Rendered During
Hourly Rate

- All times billed in 0.25 hour increments after the first hour or the minimum time
- Major components like CRT’s, PCB’s, and spare parts are billed as separate line items and taxable
- Several equipment types have flat rate prices and will be billed accordingly
- Some equipment may be swapped out for a refurbished unit if the customer requests it and will be billed at a flat core exchanged rate
- Parts not having a core exchange rate are either sold out right or the price will be calculated at 130% of the flat rate repair price or 70% of the purchase price
- Equipment left at Emlight for over a month after repair will be charged a storage fee
- Equipment left at Emlight for over three months and not paid for will be considered abandoned and sold to recover repair costs
- Equipment estimates will be charged a flat $50.00 nonrefundable fee that may be applied to an approved repair

8AM-5PM Monday - Friday


Weekdays after 5PM & Saturdays

2 hour min.

Sundays & Holidays

4 hour min.

Equipment left after 30 days of being repaired and not paid for will be charged a $12 a week storage fee.  After 120 days we reserve the right to auction off “abandoned” equipment to recover repair and storage cost.

Johnson Systems Inc.

Depot Level Repair

Depot Level Repair

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